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February, 17th 2018 

EPA and Publons cherish review activity


From now on, EPA participates in the existing partnership between Wiley and Publons. Publons monitors individual reviewer activity already for a number of Wiley journals. Reviews occupy a very important role in keeping high the quality of published journal articles. But while reviewing is a particularly valuable activity and while every scholar appreciates constructive reviews that improve their own work, recognition for review activity is often hindered by the principle of anonymity. Publons overcomes this challenge by allowing for the creation of individual reviewer profiles to which review activity is added without revealing the subject that has been reviewed. EPA appreciates this way of cherishing reviewers’ activity and saying thank you to every scholar contributing to our journal by reviewing submissions. Therefore, Publons is now integrated into our ScholarOne system to automatically enable tracking of review activity. Of course, this service is purely voluntary for reviewers.


Find out more on Publons.


EPA wishes you all the best for 2018. Thank you all for your support throughout the last years, during which EPA kept on growing and became part of the established journal world. We will keep going and hope that you stay connected with our journal - as author, reviewer, and follower. Have a great start into 2018!

EPA Issue 3:2 Out Now!

November, 17th 2017 


This year’s second issue is now online on Wiley Online Library. Called Infrastructure Policy Between Regional Interests and Societal Goals“, the issue contains contributions with a special focus on infrastructure policies, challenges and cross-country differences regarding their implementation and studies on citizen participation to raise levels of acceptance concerning these policies. An open research article on how institutional constraints impact caseworkers’ implementation decisions complements the issue. Thanks to all the authors and reviewers who contributed to this issue!


Click here to read the issue!

September, 18th 2017 

ESPAnet Conference in Lisbon

European Policy Analysis journal as a platform for European perspectives on policy analysis. Furthermore, the EPA editorial team plans a special issue on European Social Policy with high quality papers from ESPAnet presenting the recent state of social policy analysis in Europe.

This year’s conference of the European Social Policy Analysis Network (ESPAnet) took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Nils Bandelow and Johanna Hornung presented a paper on major German health policy reforms and applied the Programmatic Action Framework (PAF) originating from French political science to Germany. In doing so, they promoted the scope of

September, 9th 2017 

ECPR Conference  in Oslo ends today


Nils Bandelow and Johanna Hornung presented the EPA editorial team at this year’s ECPR conference in Oslo. One highlight was the awesome promotion stand of Wiley exhibiting a huge poster introducing European Policy Analysis as part of the big family of PSO journals. Especially the new flyers are a great tool to spread information across conference attendees. If you meet us at the ESPAnet conference in Lisbon next week, do not hesitate to ask us for one of them!


Besides presenting their recent research in the ACF panel chaired by Daniel Nohrstedt and Stéphane Moyson, Nils and Johanna met with panel discussant Chris Weible and other leading and excellent scholars such as Simon Hegelich, Stefan Marschall, Thomas Saretzki, Edella Schlager, Jale Tosun, Philippe Zittoun, and Reimut Zohlnhöfer.

from right to left: Philippe Zittoun, Nils Bandelow, Chris Weible, Laura Herzog, and Johanna Hornung

Nils Bandelow and Johanna Hornung with awesome EPA poster at Wiley’s promotion stand

After the reception dinner, international scientific exchange between American, French, German, and Swiss scholars presented a great end to the fruitful discussions during the day. We look forward to meeting everyone again soon. Thanks to the ECPR organizational team - it was a great conference!



May, 25th 2017 


EPA Vol. 3 No. 1 is published! Our first issue in cooperation with Wiley integrates contributions on recent relevant issues such as animal welfare policy, social policy, internet policy, environmental policy, and migration. “Contemporary Issues of Policy-Making Across Europe“ - out now!


Read it online: EPA Issue 3:1.


April, 10th 2017 


EPA’s ScholarOne Site is now live! For reviews and submissions, click here.



April, 8th 2017


Following EPA’s move to Wiley, the start of our online manuscript organization is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 11. From then on, EPA submissions and reviews work through ScholarOne. Authors of contributions that are currently under consideration and reviewers who are currently reviewing an article for European Policy Analysis will be informed about the transfer of their documents to ScholarOne. In case of questions concerning this transition, do not hesitate to contact the editorial office (

March, 9th 2017


EPA is officially with Wiley now!

We look forward to a great



Visit EPA at Wiley!



February, 3rd 2017


2017 starts with great news! EPA’s move to Wiley is about to be completed, the next issue will already be published with Wiley. Be quick! Help EPA to enter rankings, cite EPA and publish your best work in EPA now! Find the General CfP and Special Issue CfP here.



December, 31st 2016


At the turn of the year, we proudly present this year’s second issue of European Policy Analysis Journal! Including high quality articles, discussion contributions on the Brexit and book recommendations, it is openly accessible under the following link: EPA Vol. 2 No. 2.


Best wishes for the upcoming year!

September, 30th 2016

EPA Editors Meet in Heidelberg!


At the 3-Länder-Tagung in Heidelberg,

Germany, the EPA team met for a strategy

meeting in order to discuss the future of the

journal. There are promising results: From

2017 on, EPA issues will be published in

cooperation with Wiley. Overall, the journal is making great progress constantly pursuing the objective to present the European perspective on policy analysis to an international community. We look forward to go on!

September, 12th 2016

EPA Promotion at ECPR Conference in Prague


From 7th to 10th September 2016, the ECPR Conference took place in Prague. Nils Bandelow and Johanna Hornung promoted EPA and talked to authors, members of the editorial board, reviewers and anyone interested in European Policy Analysis Journal.










                                    Reimut Zohlnhöfer, Nils Bandelow, Nicole Herweg


The print versions of the latest EPA Issue were much praised by famous scientists. Some papers presented at the conference might contribute to one of the next EPA issues. Submissions are welcome!
















    Patrick Hassenteufel, Rob Hoppe                                                                Colette Vogeler, Johanna Hornung

July 23rd, 2016


The print versions of EPA Vol. 2 No. 1

are now available!

Purchases can be made on amazon.

June 1st, 2016


In order to make the next EPA issue as great as the latest one, we are inviting authors to become a part of EPA by answering our Call for Papers. There is the general Call for Papers as well as a Call for Papers concerning a special issue on Refugee Policy.  We are looking forward to receiving your paper submissions at

May 19th, 2016


EPA Vol. 2 No. 1 has been published!


Click here to read it online. Look forward to various contributions from international authors, a special focus on The Role of Theory in Policy Analysis, our new sections Forum and Why You Should Read My Book. It is definitely worth reading!

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